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              Sugar Loaf, New York



              Welcome to Sugar Loaf, New York Artisan Village

              We are a Community of Independent Artists with Independent Hours.
              All shops open Weekends! Most shops closed Monday & Tuesday.
              Please refer to our SUGAR LOAF MERCHANTS tab for individual business hours.

              The Candle Shop – Established 1968 | Boone Woodcarving – Established 1968

              Sundog Stained Glass – Established 1972 | My Sister’s Closet – Established 1973  

              Endico Watercolor Gallery – Established 1977 | Nick Zungoli Exposures Gallery – Established 1979

              Bostree Pottery Studio – Established 1982 | 18th Century Furniture – Established 1995

              Rosner Soap – Established 1998 | Bertoni Gallery – Established 2000

               Pisces Passions – Established 2004 | J. Hengen Design – Established 2012

              And many more to visit!

              Today we have top notch galleries that show and sell the work of talented artists and craftspeople. You will find artisans here that can make custom work just for you. Jewelry, Pottery, Stained Glass, Fine Art, Candles and Soaps, Woodwork, and Boutique Shopping. Sugar Loaf is alive with art!

              Plan a day trip to Sugar Loaf, you’ll be happy you did!


              Applications for the 2018 Sugar Loaf Spring festival are available -> HERE